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PPI stands for Payment Protection Insurance, and over the past couple of years you’ll have noticed a deluge of television advertisements attempting to stir awareness around the mis-selling of it.

PPI is sold as a supplementary policy alongside credit cards, loans, mortgages and car finance. Its purpose is to protect the customer in the event of an inability to repay money borrowed, and for 20-years was proven to generate a considerable profit for those who sold it.

 However, the last few years have seen the selling of PPI come under scrutiny, and research now suggests that approximately 90% of those in ownership of Payment Protection Insurance were sold the policy on the back of professional negligence. It is because of this that exists. 

 Here you can scour the market for the PPI claims business best suited to secure the compensation your time and money deserves. By comparing claims management companies and solicitors, our clients our empowered with the knowledge needed to maximize the chances of a successful, cost-effective PPI claim.

 The research and analysis undertaken by indicates that Money Boomerang is a leader in the field of PPI claims. The popularity of a brand is measured upon the feedback received and its performance in winning compensation. Money Boomerang has consistently secured settlements amounting to in excess of £10,000, whilst a service that involves no up-front payment has also proven popular amongst customers.

 Money Boomerang, a fixture on television screens the width and breadth of the UK, also scores highly on customer service, and has nurtured a reputation for the friendly, welcoming and, above all else, professional manner with which it approaches new claims. Gladstone Brookes, another claim management company, also performs well in this field, and will be a familiar name to television viewers thanks to its concerted advertising push over the last year.

 Of course, there are many other brands jostling for positions in the market, and we cover them all. PPI Claims Advice is a company that, since 2007, has been reclaiming PPI for customers nationwide. As specialist in its field field, PPI Claims Advice prides itself on the efficiency and professionalism with which it tackles a claim, whilst a compensation package will only be pursued if the brand is 100% confident of success. is a resource developed with the soul purpose of ensuring that its customers get the most out of their PPI claim. By comparing the likes of Money Boomerang and, browsers are afforded the opportunity to analyse the key areas of each company, basing any subsequent on a system of in-depth data that fully equips the claimant with the facts and figures needed to maximize compensation.

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